St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church

3800 East Third Street

Bloomington, Indiana 47401

(812) 332-5252

Lutheran Campus Ministry at Indiana University

Lutheran Campus Ministry is an active presence on the IU campus and in the Bloomington community.

Our mission is to be an inclusive ministry through Christ, providing the visible presence of Word and Sacrament to the campus and to the world. Through worship and witness, teaching and Bible study, pastoral care and counseling, we nurture and encourage people toward community, challenging them with their vocation in Christ Jesus.

LCM's activities include Bible studies, discussion groups, mid-week worship, movie nights, and service opportunities in the community.

In covenant with St. Thomas, the campus pastor shares worship leadership with the parish pastor. LCM students worship and participate in the life of the congregation. Each Sunday, September through May, St. Thomas provides students a home-cooked meal after the 11:00 o'clock service during the school year.

Sunday morning transportation is available by calling the Lutheran Campus Ministry office (333-2474).

St. Thomas Church and LCM-IU are Reconciling in Christ Ministries of Lutherans Concerned

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