St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church

3800 East Third Street

Bloomington, Indiana 47401

About Us

We are a Christ-centered community that lives, shares and celebrates God's grace with all people!

St. Thomas is a young congregation-celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2009 and 2010, with abundant energy. We have an inclusive understanding of the church so that persons of varying backgrounds and lifestyles find acceptance and warm hospitality. A number of small-group opportunities, based on common interests and life-stages, make it possible to find friends when one is new to the congregation.

The membership of St. Thomas Church provides a healthy balance between persons who have a direct connection to Indiana University and those who do not, and between Bloomington residents and those who live in a wide area around the city.

Both St. Thomas Church and our partner, Lutheran Campus Ministry at Indiana University, are recognized as Reconciling in Christ congregations.

Our Mission Statement reflects our highest priority – and what we do best: worship God. This we do in ways that keep the integrity of the Lutheran tradition while providing variety and keeping attuned to the times.

Our next two priorities are nearly equal: strong commitments to the involvement and leadership of the laity, and to Christian Education. Our facilities, expanded in 1992, make increased opportunities possible for adult education as well as to refine the already excellent offerings for children and youth.

A wide range of energetic committees and small groups keep the program schedule full — so that it's just not possible for a person to participate in everything. But the variety of offerings for both Ministry (in-reach and mutual caring) and Mission (outreach) make it possible for all to find their niche.

Our worship life is supported and uplifted by an excellent example of the "American Eclectic" style Pipe Organ built by J.C. Wilson to the specifications of our tonal architect, Dr. John Daniel Schwandt of the Indiana University School of Music Organ Faculty, with case and ceramic tile decoration designed to meld visually with the existing sanctuary and its furniture. Its tonal quality and versatility are greatly appreciated both by the congregation for their support of our worship and by the Organ Department of the Indiana University School of Music for recitals by students and faculty.

Our church building is designed for complete wheel-chair accessibility. Thank you for not using the parking spots closest to the main entrance ramp without need.

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