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June 19, 2003 ELCA News Service
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MOSAIC to Receive Award for 'Lutheran Roots'


Chicago (ELCA)-JAC* — The Concordia Historical Institute, a division of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, recently selected MOSAIC, the video magazine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), to receive an Award of Commendation. The award is for the production of "Lutheran Roots in America" hosted by the Rev. Lowell G. Almen, ELCA Secretary. This production was the Spring 2002 edition of MOSAIC.

The video was chosen by the Concordia Historical Institute for its "unique contribution to Lutheran literature" according to a letter sent to the program's producer, Tim Frakes, associate director for interpretation, ELCA Department for Communication.

According to Frakes, Lutheran Roots in America is the "dramatic tale of Lutheran migration to America." He said the video is designed for new church members, for confirmation classes and to help Lutherans understand their history.

In creating the video, Frakes and others spent several days traveling and shooting in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Minnesota and Missouri. "Really, it is the story of America itself," he said.

This is the second award that the Concordia Historical Institute has presented to MOSAIC. The first award was for the MOSAIC Spring 1999 issue about members of a Lutheran family who had served in Madagascar as missionaries for several generations.

* Jessica A. Crane is completing her bachelor of arts degree at Concordia College, Moorhead, Minn. This summer she is an intern with ELCA News and Media production.