St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church

3800 East Third Street

Bloomington, Indiana 47401

Spiritual Journaling

You are invited to join us as we discover the power of stories to connect generations. Working both alone and together we will recall our own faith stories, listen to each others' faith stories, reflect on biblical stories and preserve our own stories as a legacy. We are currently using the book Remembering Your Story by Richard Morgan as the basis for our reflection and discussion. This book is based on the following seven basic principals:

1) Every life is a unique, invaluable story.

2) God speaks to us in our stories.

3) Connecting our stories with God's Story is the work of the Spirit.

4) Painful memories can be healed through stories.

5) Remembering our stories creates community and the future.

6) Faith stories are the legacy we leave.

7) Stories create any age.

We currently meet twice a month and welcome new members! For further information contact Kris Stewart.

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